Business operations

Q. I want to know the business operations of Cultural Tourism DX Platform oriented towards Regional Revitalization.

A. Cultural Tourism DX Platform oriented towards Regional Revitalization is selling the ebook about the cultural science. We hope that our contents will contribute to peace in the world.

Q. I want to know about future business policy.

A. In order to promote DX in the tourism industry, we support online viewing of local third-party content, promotion of travel products, reservations, and cashless payments. We will make full use of the DDPS (Destination Development Partnership System) for this project, and welcome and promote effective public, public-private, and civil society partnerships based on our experience with various partnerships and resource strategies. In order to realize sustainable tourism, we are focusing not only on increasing the number of tourists, but also on the concept of “responsible tourism”, which is considerate of the natural environment and highly contributing to the region. We would like to think together with you about what kind of contribution tourism can make to address the issues we face.