Local Case

In the provinces, there are many neglected local resources and stories which could be accepted by the world. However, the customer out of the area don’t have many opportunities to be exposed to these uncultivated resources in particular. And each provinces are at a loss over if they should show those potential power.

We hope for the future

However, the new impression which is born by community-based wisdom, cultural exchange, co-creation brings the regional attractiveness rediscovering to the local residents. And it brings the chance to travel to travelers out of the area. Therefore, we thought that we want to send our drama which was born in our town or our hometown to every traveler who does not know the place.

That’s why we will challenge

We are a challenger of marketing for attractive local products and services which are growth demand in the foreign market from these three angles, tourism town planning, media and contents, the cutting-edge ICT and technology, utilizing our stories. This is a promotion strategy for local products or services to gather strength in regional collaboration beyond a scope of industry or regional framework. We aim to meet various demands, diversify the visit place, increase in stay days, acquire the repeaters, in cooperation with the provinces that tackle issues involved in further attracting inbound tourists. We hope people all over the world can enjoy various local products, lodging services, souvenirs, work-experience tours, cultures, cultural exchanges, sightseeings, while deepening knowledge of cultural science with customer and business partner.

For Co-Creating

We aim to contribute to the tourism industry promotion, the regional attractiveness rediscovery and the impression expansion with writing, publication, film production, utilization of the cutting-edge ICT and technology in the future. Please feel free to contact us for Co-Creating. Thank you very much for your continuous support.

With your purpose!


Jan. 2024 Nakamura Hiroaki

Company Profile

Our name: Cultural Tourism DX Platform oriented towards Regional Revitalization
CEO and Dramatist: NAKAMURA Hiroaki
Main Business: Publication, Movie, XR
Other than the above, we welcome inquires about tourism-oriented regional vitalization.
Consulting Service for New Local Tourism