Pilgrimage to the Holy Land : Ikkyu Sojun(一休宗純) and Shinjo(森女), Biography of Love Monk Ikkyu Day1 Buddhist initiation

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Theme :
Ikkyu Sojun's Zen Teachings, Collection of Chinese Poems, "Kyounshu" and the Origin of Democracy in Japan.

Concept :
A trail model course that we leaps in time to the Muromachi period of Japan and experiences the trajectory of Ikkyu Sojun as a literary sightseeing.

Storylines :
More than 500 years ago, the era was turbulent when the union of the North and South dynasties, the assassination of the shogun, and the Onin Rebellion occurred in Japan.
Ikkyu broke away from his obsession when he heard a cry of a crow in Katata in Omi. The master monk Kaso Sodon gave Ikkyu a Buddhist sermon of paper as a formal confirmation of Ikkyu's awakening. However, Ikkyu immediately threw away the paper and showed his master the idea of the severance of his master's teaching of Buddhism as hard as he burned the paper.
However, Ikkyu's faith led to conversion through turbulent events such as famine and civil war. Then, he met Shinjo. On the other hand, Ikkyu's daily poetry and his unique teaching style of Buddhism saved the people.
Eventually, Ikkyu changed even the consciousness of the shogunate's dignitaries, and passed away. After that, the people drove out the bandit army that ravaged the country and the shogunate army that suppressed it, and established the first autonomous rule in this Japan country in history!!

"The Essay of Tea" ; Part 3 Ikkyu Sojun and, Shinjo(森女) ; Biography of Love Monk Ikkyu

Day1 Buddhist initiation

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09:30 a.m. To meet you at your hotel
10:30 a.m. To walk around Senyu-ji Temple
01:30 p.m. To walk around Daikaku-ji Temple
03:30 p.m. To walk around Gio-ji Temple or, Jizo-in Temple
05:30 p.m. Farewell at your hotel

Original Works
Ikkyu Sojun(一休宗純)
The Composer of Chinese Poetry

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Nakamura Hiroaki (中村 浩章)

The culture of Kyoto is the culture of Japan. In other words Kyoto is a place where the original culture of Kyoto should be nurtured. Then we Japan people are able to live in a certain sense of trust, which is the culture of Japan. Through this journey service, you will enjoy the continuity of art with me. It's also our way of life that has been mastered in history. It allows you to enjoy authentic traditional culture in our daily life.


Born in Nara in 1976. Graduated from Doshisha University, in Kyoto. After working for a systems integrator in Osaka, I became a writer. My works: Japanese trial translation of Okakura Tenshin's "The Book of Tea", English trial translation of Matsuo Basho's "Oku no Hosomichi: The start of the trip ~ The Port of Ishinomaki", English trial translation of Nakamura Manjiro's "The Essay of Tea", Japanese short story "Ikkyu Sojun of Daitoku-ji", etc.

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